Good Morning?

Let’s see….

  1.   Twin day at school. Matching outfits “required.” Crazy mad search for matching black fleece pants to go w/ Hawaiian shirts.  Pulled Sam’s from bottom of dirty laundry.  Good enough.
  2. The new tube of tooth paste from visit to the dentist yesterday?  Maggie enjoyed cleaning the sink and herself w/ it while I searched for black fleece pants.
  3. After dropping kids off at school, then walking Ben, decided to go for walk w/ j and d.  Ran into house to get hat,  go outside to Maggie screaming in stroller.  Try to walk, not really successful.  Was it my heart rate or my blood pressure going up?
  4. Turn around, back home in driveway, dog slips collar. Runs next door after chickens (Did I tell you J has chickens? Yes, actual egg-laying chickens that roam the yard).  I FLY after him yelling, pants falling down around my ankles, my knees killing me and catch up and throw him in the house, j following w/ kids, both crying cause they think chickens are being killed.
  5. Spend a couple minutes on J’s couch comforting screaming children, come home, Maggie takes medicine cup (Yes, we are back on antibiotics) and drinks all the H20 in dogs’ dish while I’m the phone w/ Sam’s case manager from school (missing paperwork, 3 yr evaluation due, long story)
  6. Add pellets to stove, throw in wash so Western Wear (Western Wear? What in the world?) will be clean for tomorrow (Rah, rah, spirit week!) and realize Maggie is poopy and has attempted to change her own diaper
  7.  Get Maggie clean and collapse.  
  8. It is 10:30AM.

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