Life with Maggie

In the dictionary, beside “animation” there is a picture of her. She is the epitome of animation. She runs in from the living room to the kitchen where I am puttering. While she’s bouncing up and down, she says, “Hey, hey, hey, Momma, listen to me, I have a GREAT IDEA. I can have a piece of cheese!” She says this with a huge smile, brown eyes big and wide, her whole face lighting up. I can’t help but smile, even as I’m thinking, it’s just cheese.
This is her approach to everything.
Time to sweep the floor? “Great idea! I can help!”
Need to fold clothes? “I’m a GREAT folder, Mommy! Watch me.”
There’s a lesson in here somewhere, I’m sure of it. If I approached things with her enthusiasm and passion, life would be more fun. Dishes to do? I’m great at doing dishes (years of practice.) Sheets to change? Clean sheets always feel so good! Her philosophy seems to be why walk when you can twirl, why run when you can dance.
She wiggles her way into the kitchen again and grins at me. “I’m done my cheese. Wanna see my monkey face? It’s awesome.”
Life with Maggie is wonderful, complex and yes, exhausting.


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