The Mad Hatter

Finally, everyone is in the car and ready to go – and we are running only 5 minutes behind schedule! And then, from the back seat…
“Mommy, Moira is crying.”
Deep breath. “Is there a problem?”
“Are you sure?”
“My ears are cold. This hat doesn’t cover my ears!”
“Run in quick and grab a different hat, babe.”
Sigh. And we were so close to escaping and surviving the morning with a nominal amount of drama and minimum of hysterics. But I am not going to bite, I will remain calm. “Are you sure?”
“Okay…” I pull out onto the road and drive twenty feet before I hear sobbing and groaning from the back seat. I pull over to the side of the road. “Moira, crying is not helping. You have a problem, so problem solve. The hat doesn’t cover your ears. You either put up with it, or get a different hat. What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”
I start driving again. Again, sobs to break your heart. And intermittent cries of, “My ears are really cold…..”
“I have a hat on my ears.” This comment is from Maggie, which causes Moira to wail even more loudly. I turn the car around, pull in the drive and brake to a sudden halt.
“Are you getting another hat, or am I?”
Moira jumps out, runs in and grabs a hat, comes out and gets back in with tremendous door slam. Off we go! Happy Tuesday morning. I hope her ears are super warm at recess…


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