Maggie: Mommy, I need to go poop.

Me: okay, go ahead.

Maggie: What would happen if I fell all the way in and you flushed me?

Me: …Um, I won’t do that.

Maggie: Do you promise?

Me: Yes. I promise not to flush you.

Can you tell we’ve recently had some goldfish funerals?


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

My Magpie… she is such a funny kid. I’m puttering in the kitchen when she comes up and asks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“I don’t know, what are you thinking?”
She rolls her eyes at me and says, “I’m thinking what you’re thinking!”
“Okay…. what am I thinking?”
“You are thinking you’re about to make me a yellow hat.”

Huh. Not what I was thinking. But her giggle is infectious, so I suppose I could try… this from a kid who had the cashier, bagger, and person in line behind us singing the Barney song at the grocery store yesterday