a decade

Ten years ago today I was waking up on my last day as a single person. I think back and it is hard for me to remember what it was like to sit and quietly sip a cup of coffee (Dunkins’ of course!) Was there ever a time I could take a hot bath, sleep in a bed by myself or go to the bathroom with door closed and no interruptions?
A lot has changed in ten years… there has been chaos and joy in nearly equal quantities. I think of our first year of marriage in Farmington… well, I was in Farmington. You were in Texas. One of us had sunshine and maid service while the other had morning sickness and 27 inches of snow! But we both had our challenges to face and we both did it.
I was very proud of you for your achievements at the Fire Academy, for trying something so new and foreign and outside your comfort zone. You were brave, not only for rushing into burning buildings and others feats of physical skill, but for resigning your commission and deciding to follow your own path. I tease you a lot, but I was and am proud of your strength, both your inner and “outter.”

Ten years has brought many changes. No more orange chair! We may have given up things like sleeping in, pizza in bed, and finishing a sentence, but we have gained things, too. You are now a pee-wee soccer coach, a proud dad at dance recitals, and, thanks to our fierce kitties, the official under-taker of the family (EWWWW!)
You are also my friend, my partner, my love. And ten years later, I would do it all again, as long we could land right here, together.


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