A miracle

Maggie, upon waking this morning, at 6:30am. “Where is my beautiful, sparkly outfit?”

“I hung it up. Since you are going to Danny’s house today and you will be running and playing outside, maybe you should wear grubbies.”

Horrified, she says, “But if I fall in my grubbies I could get blood on me!”

“But if you are wearing your beautiful sparkly outfit, you could get blood or dirt on that.”

“No, I won’t get blood on it because this outfit is a miracle.”

Mmm. Here, I pause thinking maybe I need another cup of coffee before I can comprehend this conversation. “What?”

“I won’t get blood on the sparkly outfit because it is a miracle.” Apparently I did hear correctly. How do you argue with a miracle? She puts on the outfit and comes out to the kitchen where she says, “How do I look?”

“You look lovely!” I respond. She turns to me and says, “Um, I was not asking you, I was talking to the cat!”

And just in case you wondering, the cat thought she looked beautiful, too.


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