Where did the summer go?  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were sitting out on the patio and I was hoping for a long, tranquil summer, filled with lazy mornings and dusky evenings, lingering in the backyard.  And now – oh, my! –  school started yesterday and I am the parent of a 4th grader and a 3rd grader.  Bright eyed, smiling Sam who worries about fixing his hair just right and dark eyed Moira with the slow smile who tries so hard to be grown up.  I love my kids!

And Miss Maggie is not to be out done, repeating stories about desks in rows, play yard adventures and cranky teachers as if they were her own and not borrowed from the older kids.  I worry about Maggie.  She’ll start school soon and though it is a normal rite of passage, the whole peanut allergy thing makes me crazy.  She’s excited and thrilled and I don’t want her picking up on my anxiety.  We just practice A LOT…

“What do you do if your school friend brings in cupcakes and offers you one?”

“I say I can’t eat it because I have a peanut allergy.  And I never eat food unless you tell me its okay!”

Good plan.  And as long we NEVER deviate from it we’ll be fine.  But the consequences of forgetfulness are dire. Sometimes I feel like the constant vigilance makes me weary… and truthfully I feel a little alone in the battle against nuts!  Maggie, Moira and Sam are actually great, but they are kids and the weight of it should not fall on them.

Anyway!  Happier thoughts!  Though summer is coming to a close, we have many warm autumn days to look forward to, apples to pick and pumpkins to carve….


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