Big milestones

Yesterday Maggie learned to tie her shoes. Yes, she is 3. And I never taught her. She just learned. “Aren’t I amazing?” She asks with a look of pure glee in her eyes when she shows the big kids, just home from school . Yes, in fact, you are.
She was playing with a pair of Moira’s old shoes that almost-but-not-quite fit her. “Can you untie these knots?” She asked at one point. I was distracted, puttering, sweeping… busy. Knots untied, I handed the pink and white saddle shoes back to her. Then I hear, “Mommy, I tied my shoes!”
“Yes, great, mmm.”
And then about 10 minutes later, I finish what I am doing and sit down on the floor beside her and I look, really look, at her feet. And Holy Cow, she had TIED HER SHOES.
“Maggie, you tied your shoes!”
She looks up at me with a quizzical smile. “I told you that!”
Well, yes, I guess you did.


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