We are thankful

Sam just handed me a project from his backpack. “Oh, yeah, we made this in school and I’m supposed to give it to you.”

It is a pumpkin made of strips of orange paper and on each one is written something Sam is thankful for. Here is his list. Hope it makes you smile. It makes me thankful for 8 year old boys. Happy Thanksgiving!

• Denver Broncos
• Aaron Rodgers
• Eli Manning
• Corey Crawford
• Freddy Mercury
• Ice cream
• Henry Ford
• Gorillas
• Jason (his best friend)



Lamprey Oil delivery man comes – very pleasant. Maggie is chatting out the window with him, asking about Uncle Mike, talking about the dogs… and then, “I have a bra and Mommy does, too. Do you want to see?” And the poor delivery man goes silent with a deer in the head light look. What can he say to that?

Now, I know Maggie is saying this because she is wearing her sparkly dance outfit that she got the day we went bra shopping with Moira and in her mind this outfit is connected to bras and in addition to being her miracle dress is also her bra. But we have already given delivery man TMI, so I am not going explain this…. he just ducks his head, while Maggie yells again about her bra and then I finally pull her inside and we wave good-bye to the man who is already retreating and can’t get out of here fast enough….

Yep. I love her.