Thanksgiving? Where?

The holiday spirit can be tough to find. Maggie and I got up in the pre-dawn hours Thanksgiving morning.  We got to the bottom of the stairs and I whispered, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

And Maggie replied, “Thanksgiving?  Where?”

I know she is thinking of the balloons and the streamers we always put up in the dining room for birthdays and Mother and Father’s Day.  When the kids come downstairs the first thing they see is the colorful decorations and they get so excited.  So, I sort of understand Maggie’s comment.  And, in some ways, I agree.  In spite of the pumpkins and cornucopia on the table, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to find.  Thanksgiving is about feelings of  gratitude and  appreciation.  It can be hard to spot and count our blessings when they aren’t bright and colorful and hanging up right in front of your face.

We spent all day looking for Thanksgiving.  And somehow, in between the typical sibling quarrels and the chaos of a average day, we found it.  We went for a walk by the covered bridge and right there by the waterfall was a bride and groom exchanging vows.  There was a whole decked out wedding party, freezing cold and smiling and sharing the moment of “I do.”  Finding those moments and recognizing them is so essential to gratitude.

Sam and Daddy watched football, the girls and I folded laundry, played cards and tea party and Candyland.  We were together in a quiet, warm house and we were content.  Just before dinner, we got out paper and crayons and we made a Thankful Tree.  And now our blessings are bright colorful and right there in front of us.  See, Maggie, there’s thanksgiving… it was right here all along.

tggrateful tree (2)


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