Rest time is so over

Snowy Friday afternoon. Sleepy Maggie, ready for a rest in the big bed with Mommy. Yes, shamelessly, I will lay down and read books and wait for Mags to sleep and then lay quietly beside her, long shadows falling across the floor. Sometimes I just watch her sleep. Sometimes I read my book, or fold laundry, or sit beside her and correct my students’ work. I thoroughly enjoy nap time, knowing full well we are on countdown to no more naps. And I admit freely and willingly that I will shed tears when they are a thing of the past. Even my older two look back fondly on their family naps in the big bed, when the three of us would lie together and read books and sing songs and wait for the lovely afternoon slumber to overtake us. We loved cuddling together like a basketful of kittens, snuggling in the warmth of blankets and each other, and they still talk about it with nostalgic affection.
So, this past snowy, blustery Friday I picked Maggie up after work and we went home and got into “comfies” and climbed into the big bed. We read “All You Need to Make a Snowman” and “Olivia makes a Snow Girl” in deference to the weather. Maggie’s eyes drifted shut and I sighed and listened to the silence. And the squeaking.

Squeaking? What is that squeaking? What is that sound? That is a strange noise… By now I am sitting up in my bed and looking around…. And I am just in time to see a mouse dash across the floor and up the curtains. And to see the cat right behind the mouse, also climbing the curtains. And then the mouse comes down and goes under the treadmill and the cat waits… and pounces… and more squeaking. Oh, My God! And the mouse is free, back up the curtains and by now I am yelling and Maggie is sitting up and we are watching with horror and awe this real-life Tom and Jerry episode in our very own bedroom. I screech and throw a book at the cat and Maggie looks at me and then back at the cat, who has climbed up the curtain and is now at the top of the window and I have no idea where the mouse is….
“Mommy, can we go downstairs now?” She asks in a small voice. “I think rest time is over.”
Smart girl. Yes, indeed. Rest time is over.


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