breakfast conversation

At the breakfast table a this morning enjoying a few moments of conversation before we make a mad dash to finish getting ready for school and work. Randomly, Sam says, “If it’s a boy I’m naming him Nate.”

I swallow my coffee, and say, “If what is a boy? What are we expecting?”
Sam replies, “Y’know, my kid. If when I have kids I have a boy I’m going to name him Nate. And if it’s a girl, maybe Moira JR.”

A little earlier to be considering names, but Sam is a planner. And, on the up-side, he is planning on giving us grandchildren.

I get up to get a tissue and Maggie says, “Oh, my Gosh, mom, you sound like a fairy whistling when you blow your nose like that!”

Do I have to go to work? Can’t I just stay here all day with them….


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