You Nork


Scott’s Grandpa passed away recently and while it is sad, it is also kind of a blessing. He was in his 90’s and lived in a nursing home. He couldn’t hear and had trouble with his vision. In his prime he was a funny, warm, witty person. He loved his huge vegetable garden and watching the Yankees. Things he was no longer able to do…. I think he was ready to go see Helen, ready to leave this place for whatever comes next.
There will be a small, family graveside service sometime in April. Maggie is super excited to go see Gram Cooley and the goats in You Nork. Wait, what? What goats? Turns out Maggie remembers going to York’s Wild Kingdom (in York, Maine, where yes, they actually have a petting zoo and goats) and also remembers visiting Gram Cooley in New York and has combined the two places. Thus, in her wonderful words, “I can’t wait to go see Grandma Cooley and the goats in You Nork.” Wonder how Judie would feel about letting some goats attend the graveside service?


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