Things are just different

Lots of things are different once you’ve had kids, big things and little things. I spend way more time planning meals and making sure the fridge is stocked with healthy snacks than I did when I was single. With a severe food allergy in the house, it sometimes seems like an inordinate amount of time is devoted to planning, shopping and prepping meals. I remember BC (before children) when a bowl of cereal, or ok, sometimes a bowl of ice cream was dinner. Sigh.
And while I spend more time preparing meals now, I spend way less time preparing myself for going… well, anywhere. Getting ready for work used to mean getting up early, taking time for yogurt and a bagel while watching the morning news or reading the paper…. I would have plenty of mirror time in the bathroom and virtually no competition. Now, with 3 kids and 3 dogs and 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs to feed and settle before we rush out the door, getting ready is oh, just a little different. Yesterday I actually got to work and realized I was not wearing socks. Last week I got to work and realized and I was wearing two different socks. Needless to say, I now spend more time wrangling kids and dogs and less time getting myself ready.

And yesterday, Maggie really, really wanted an audience for her singing. This is our conversation:

Maggie: Will you please, please, please watch me sing?
Me: Yes, just let me go the bathroom first and then I will be happy to watch.
Maggie: Well, I was thinking, I could just follow you in and sing at you while you’re in there.
Like I said, once you’ve had kids, things are just different.


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