You Nork, The Naked Apple

Maggie was very excited about our recent trip to NY. Or, as she calls it, You Nork. We had talked about the city of NY being the Big Apple. Maggie loves her apples, but she always wants them peeled, or again, in her words, “I like my apples naked.” Thus, our trip was dubbed the voyage to “You Nork, the Naked Apple.”

Traveling anywhere with 3 kids and a 65 pound dog is always fun, but 7 hours in a car in the dark, in the middle of a driving rainstorm makes it extra special. We arrived soggy and cold, but we arrived and woke the next day to brisk sunshine and cool breezes.

The kids love treasure hunting on the shore of the Hudson, seeing what the currents have washed ashore.

treasure hunters

And even though the temperatures were chilly, Scott was a good sport and they loved fishing by the canal. Sam thinks he is going to hook a river monster and fancies himself the next Jeremy Wade. There certainly are big fish in the Hudson and like all good fishermen, Sam has lots of stories about the ones that got away.
Sam fishing hudson

We went to the service for Scott’s grandpa and while there were no goats, it was a nice service and we are glad we could be there. We did spend a day in Saratoga wandering through Congress Park and browsing in lots of little shops. All the fishing and shopping exhausted daddy, though, and while the Naked Apple was great, there is no place like home!
sleepy daddy


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