making an entrance

The kids had dentist appointments yesterday. Our dentist is so great, the kids actually look forward to going, visiting and getting a prize. As we were pulling into the parking lot, Sam started screeching “I’m gushing blood, I’m gushing blood!” I nearly drove into a parked car, but recovered, pulled into a space and turned to see the gushing blood and determine the cause.

He did indeed have a bloody mouth and bloody fingers. “I lost my tooth!” he mumbled, grinning.
Well, good timing. So the 4 of us marched into the dentist office, Sam with his tooth gripped tightly in his red fingers, calling out, “I lost my tooth!”

“When?” the receptionist asked.
“Like 5 seconds ago,” Sam answered.
“You guys always know how to make an entrance,” she tells me with a smile. Yes, yes we do.

Now that he has less teeth to clean, do you suppose we’ll get a discount?

Sam's tooth


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