Mommy and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

TGIF, except this Friday wasn’t so great. Amelia (my Honda Pilot, yes, we name our cars) started acting a little funny on the way to work. For instance, while I was stopped at a traffic light I was rolling backwards. I am not much of a mechanic, but I do not think cars in DRIVE should roll backward. And when you step on the gas, the car should actually go forward, not rev as if it is in neutral, right? My car, not so much. However, I was close enough to work that I managed to coast down the hill, around the corner and turn into the school parking lot. Which is where Amelia and I and my entire class (I’m sure I can tie this “field trip” into the curriculum somehow) were waiting when the tow truck finally came.
My sister came to pick me up after work and let me borrow her car to take Moira to karate. Which brings us to the second humiliating moment of the day. We arrived at the studio right at 5:30 for her class. Which started at 4:45 and ENDS at 5:30. Oh, yeah, arriving right as all her classmates are leaving and seeing the disappointed and confused look on Moira’s face made me lose any bonus motherhood points I’ve earned. I muttered guiltily, “Oh, God, I am so, so, so sorry!”
Kudos to the studio, with one look they realized exactly what kind of a scatter-brained mom Moira has and whisked her away for a “quick private lesson” so it wouldn’t count as an absence. Of course they kind of already think I’m crazy because a couple weeks ago we lost power and somehow when we reset the clocks they got set 15 minutes slow. It took me 2 days to figure out why I kept being late for EVERYTHING, including karate class. I also felt particularly bad because the previous class Moira received the “Black Belt for a Day” award for demonstrating the 7 virtues of a black belt: modesty, courtesy, integrity self- control, gratitude and perseverance. She continues to persevere, in spite of her absent-minded mother. Such a good kid!
And later that night as we got ready for bed, my great kid and I shared a moment. We were both in the bathroom, I was washing up as she brushed her teeth. I wet a cotton ball with the cleanser and was wiping my face when I looked over at Moira. Her eyes were wide and she was starting to giggle. As I am wondering why my eyes are watering and my face stings, I look down and realize I’ve been washing my face with nail polish remover. Moira and I laughed so hard we couldn’t even stand up. Sitting on the floor with Moira and laughing till we cried was absolutely the best part of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.


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