summer time and the livin’ ain’t easy


Strong thunder storms last night and everything in the yard is wet. It is only 73 degrees, but with 96% humidity. Yuck. My hair is gross, my floors are gross, my couch is gross… everything feels damp and icky. And, let’s face it, the kids can only read and paint and color for so long and then they need to DO SOMETHING. This morning Moira just wanted to color and draw, Danny just wanted to play with Moira (who did not want to play with him), Sam only wanted to play with Danny (who only wanted to play Moira) and Maggie would’ve happily played with anyone, but no one wanted to play with her. AAAAAAHHHHHH!
So, I made them clean their rooms and sort through their bookshelves, making piles of things to give away. Then, to reward their hard work, I took them to the pool in the pouring rain. It was a deluge and they were so funny and excited to be swimming in it. “We can really get wet?” Maggie asked with wide eyes and a huge grin. “Only in the pool. Don’t let the rain get you,” I told her. Took her a few minutes to figure that one out.


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