I’m sad

Today, I am really sad. We’ve had problems with Milo, and things are just not getting better. I have contacted trainers and vets and the SPCA and the SPCA trainers and Rat Terrier rescue groups and the consensus is this is a dog with a behavior problem that makes him unadoptable. In the wrong home Milo could be abused. We’ve had him almost 9 years and as he has aged he has truly become a grumpy old man who does not like chaos. And our house – um, welcome to chaos. We can deal with grumpy (though with three kids in the house we have to be careful) but the peeing all over everything – can’t take it anymore!!! We’ve tried for almost 10 months to figure out a way to make it better or find him a new home. And last week, we admitted defeat. I called our long-term vet and spoke with him. He knows I’ve shed tears over this; I’ve sat in his office bawling while he handed me tissues. And he agreed that it is time to call it.
Milo freaks out at the vet; he had a bad experience once (not with our vet) and now he shakes and whines and has to be muzzled. That is not what I want for his last memories, or our last memory of him. So, we’ve contacted a traveling vet, who has talked to our regular vet and there’s only one thing left to do. The Dr. is coming to the house early tomorrow morning. We’ll do it right here at home and wrap him a blanket and bury him in the backyard under the apple trees. “And his soul will go to heaven to hang out with Lucy, Katie and Uncle Red, right?” Asks Maggie. “Right.”
“But I’m still a little sad and that’s okay, right?”
Oh, yes. Me, too. I’m sad and that’s okay.


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