something’s missing…

We’ve read Cynthia Rylant’s Dog Heaven approximately 428 times; it is comforting. Moira has had the toughest time, which has prompted questions about life after death, who exactly is God, what does he look like and will God mind if Milo pees on things in heaven. The last question was the easiest to answer, just in case you are keeping track.
Maggie, meanwhile, at 4, understandably doesn’t quite get the whole thing. She said, “If we miss him so much, let’s go unbury him.” Oh, so not how it works sweetie. The first night I had a dream that we had made a horrible mistake and I woke in a cold sweat with a fierce desire to run straight to the backyard. After a midnight cup of tea in the window seat and a good cry, I know we did do the right thing, the only thing we could do under the circumstances. And the kids will learn that sometimes you have to make difficult choices and do things that aren’t easy but necessary. Meanwhile, we’ll keep reading Dog Heaven and I’ll keep trying to answer the tough questions. And poor Sadie will keep waiting for her friend.



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