On the way back from visiting Gram Cooley and cousins in Maine last evening, and the kids are giggling in the backseat. Then, a sudden silence that quickly says something is wrong. Scott looks in the rearview mirror and yells, “Is she choking?” and I turn and see Maggie is gagging but can’t talk. A look of complete panic and fear is on her face. Even as I yell, “Pull over!” Scott is pulling over. Meanwhile I have unbuckled and am half in the backseat, unbuckling Maggie from the car seat and trying to maneuver her into Heimlich position. Thankfully, I was able to get the chips she was choking on up. Crazy scary. A few minutes later and the car is parked crookedly on the grass at the side of the median. Maggie and I are standing in the grass and I am handing her a bottle of water and she’s shaky, but okay. And she looks up at me and says, “I’m sorry I spit up in the backseat.” My baby. Such an amazing, quirky funny girl and I love her so much. Thank God she is okay!

I caught her the other day enjoying little light reading…. Webster’s unabridged dictionary, in case you’d like to add it to your own summer reading list..


And she shares my woe when it comes to driving the kids around town….


She watched her big sister shave (milestone!) for the first time and later, after mulling it over, asked, “Mom, is that really arm pit whip cream?” My girl!



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