still thinking

The days are getting cool and sadly I realize that school starts in less than 2 weeks. I am not a parent who looks forward to sending the kids back into the arms of their teachers. I actually like having them around. I enjoy their company. I am the first to admit that sometimes they drive me completely crazy, but so does my husband and I still like him, too. Families get on each other’s nerves, it is normal. I just know that when the kids go back and the house is empty, I will miss them. I will go from seeing them all day to only a few hours a day and even those hours will not be our own, they will be filled with tasks and chores not of our own choosing.
Right now I am on the front deck with the dog and my computer. It is cloudy and gray and not particularly warm for August. I have 4 kids running around the yard somewhere – a 10, 8, 5 and 4 year old. They might be catching frogs in the pond or climbing the apple trees in the backyard. They might be playing hide and seek in the tall grass or playing in the treehouse. A few minutes ago I helped pull thorns out of a toe and now they are off again. They appear out of nowhere, demand either medical care or food, and then when their needs are met, they go off again to be independent, happy kids. Until school starts.
Today, they build forts in the woods, then pick wild black berries for a snack and create stories to act out in their private lair. They yell and run and jump and collaborate and act like kids. Next week, they sit at their desks and hold their pencil the right way and raise their hand to talk in an indoor voice. Why, exactly?
Still figuring out the answer… any thoughts?


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