Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!

The other morning there was a big, dark wasp on our shower curtain. The kids were still sleeping and Scott and I were sharing space in the bathroom, trying to get ready. But, really, the bathroom isn’t all that big, and neither of us wanted to include the wasp in the AM routine, so Scott said he would handle it. And he grabbed the tweezers. We were still sleepy. They were right there. That’ll work, right?
So, I am in the shower, and he is attempting to pick up the wasp with tweezers as it crawls along the curtain. And then I hear a screech and he says, “where is it, where is it, where is it?” In the bathroom mirror, we both see it crawling up his bare arm, so he swats at it and then suddenly the wasp is crawling across his cheek… He is yelling at me, “Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!” I am trying to figure out how to hit the wasp without smacking Scott across the face. He is hopping up and down and the water is still running, though by now I am outside the shower, dripping, hovering by Scott, waiting for an opening to get the wasp… both of us in our birthday suits. And the bathroom door opens and the kids are standing there, staring at us.
“Get out! Out!” Daddy yells (I am not sure why) and the door slams but I can hear the kids whispering on the other side of it. Eventually, I grabbed a plastic cup, scooted the wasp into it and released him into the wild. We certainly startled the kids, and we probably traumatized the wasp. I later asked Scott, “Did you really expect me to hit it while it was crawling on your face?”
He just grinned. “Didn’t think that through did I?” And in case anyone is still wondering, no, tweezers are not an effective wasp-capturing tool.


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