Four-legged Blessings

Dog harmony has been sadly missing from our home – until now. We adopted Sadie in 2012 and while we fell madly in love with her and couldn’t imagine life without her, our resident rat terrier, Josie, decidedly did not. I’ve always had dogs, and usually more than one, but I have never had dogs that did not get along. This was a new and truthfully frightening experience for myself and my kids. When Sadie and Josie fought so badly that we had to call the police to break it up and take Josie to the vet, we knew decisions needed to be made. When Milo, God rest his little rattie soul, was here, he was Switzerland. Without him, we just had 2 dogs we loved who hated each other. Can we give one up?

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How, when we love both dogs?  For almost 2 years managed with 2 rival dogs, 2 dogs who could never be in the same space, never be together except on opposite sides of a gate. It was hard. We constantly wondered if we were doing the right thing. But, Sadie is so perfect for us. The kids play ball with her and snuggle with her and we take her for walks and she wiggles so hard when she hears the school bus I think her little nub might just fall off! She just fits us. And then there is Josie, who simply wants all the attention, all the food, all the love and does not want to share… Josie the happy couch potato who does not want to play ball or take long walks, but simply wants to sit beside you with her head in your lap. For 2 years we did the “Dance of the Dogs” continually swapping out one dog with the other, dividing time, practicing constant vigilance to keep the dogs separate. This was not what I wanted for my kids or us… we never meant for this to happen… when we adopted Josie we thought it would be forever, and when adopted Sadie we agreed to forever, but Sadie and Josie never agreed to anything.

And then suddenly, everything changed. And now – dog harmony is ours. Thank you God, for our four-legged blessings.


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