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“What’s the name of that lady?”

“What lady?”

“The one with the horse farm?”



“The one across from the old house?”


“The one from Senator Bell farm?”


She’s exasperated and I want to help and I am so tempted to just say, “I know who you mean.” But then if there’s a follow up question about the lady will I know the answer?  Will she know if I make it up?  What if she does and it makes it worse?  What do I do! These conversations are frequent and frustrating… and other F words come to mind.

Finally, she is able to grab onto the name and spit it out.  “Beth!  Beth is the one I mean.”

“Okay, yes.”  Beth doesn’t own a horse farm, but that isn’t really the point, is it. “I know Beth.”

Long pause.  Giant sigh.  “What was I going to say about Beth?” she asks.

I hate Alzheimer’s.


2 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. I hate altzhimers too!!!😡 I pray God’s grace and wisdom for you in all the hats you wear and all the different actions you are called upon to answer. 🙏

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