So, now there is scientific evidence that going to the beach is good for you.  Researchers say it helps cure depression, boosts creativity, and reduces stress.  Duh!

In his Easter sermon, Pastor Steve was asking folks to try to think of their best day ever.  Closing my eyes, per his request, and thinking, of course I thought of the days when my kids were born, when I got married.  But when I thought of my best regular days, I thought of the beach: the lake, the ocean, the sun, sand and water.  It is where I feel relaxed, peaceful, and happy.  It is where I feel joy.

I know, of course, that those are days when I am not working, or doing laundry or scrubbing toilets.  I wonder, though, if I could work, launder, scrub, and then be close enough to go for a stroll, to sit and soak in the sun and feel the rhythm of the water, I wonder if I would feel less stress and more contentment.

I want to find out.





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